Client: Stylefulness/Inspire by Britten.Photographer: Shora Ahmadi
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Client: Stylefulness/Inspire by Britten.
Photographer: Shora Ahmadi

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Photo of a client’s dog.Client: Isa with her dog Lejon.Photographer: Shora Ahmadi

Photo of a client’s dog.

Client: Isa with her dog Lejon.
Photographer: Shora Ahmadi

My cat Zarifa.Photography by me, Shora Ahmadi.

My cat Zarifa.

Photography by me, Shora Ahmadi.


pygmy hippopotamuses is cuties.


Shora A. 28 years old, Sweden.
I'm an author, social worker and photographer.

I love literature, writing, animals and travelling.

Japan has a special place in my heart. I'm fascinated with visual kei.
I have loved vampires ever since the first time I read about one in a children's book, which my parents bought for me many years ago.

Highlights of 2012
VERSAILLES: live at Shibuko, Tokyo, Japan, 2012.02.12 (I was there).

VERSAILLES: live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, 2012.12.20 (I was there).